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Switching cabinets, switchgears, designing and programming,
energy solutions – start to save time and money – contact us!
Switching cabinets
Switching cabinets and electrical switchgears we manufacture, support many industries - including energy, transport or food sector.
Project design
Molson engineers experienced all over the world will create any project for you, by using software like EPLAN, PCSchematic or See Electrical.
With the pleasure we will program your company's internal control and communication systems – PLC, HMI and SCADA.
Energy solutions
We specialize in innovative solutions for industrial boiler rooms. Our pride is the Lambda probe project.
Employees leasing
Our highly qualified engineers, electricians and programmers are at your disposal.
We offer a wide range of cables, for instance for printing presses.
About us

We are a comprehensive, international team of engineers, programmers and designers experienced in projects all over the world and working together to create the most innovative solutions. Dozens of customers already trusted us – from small local companies to a big international enterprises. Our goal is not the hundred percent automation and elimination of the human factor, but just the automation at the level where we can reach the minimum number of errors possible and the maximum level of efficiency. We want to make the human work more comfortable than ever.

The philosophy that has inspired us since the very beginning is to stay in harmony with the environment. That is why our solutions not only will help you to save time and money, but will also let you to shape the future image of the world we all live in. The Scandinavian founders of Molson except of being businessmen, they always being the men who care (…) Read full story

07/02/2018, 8:50
The team is growing – dear all, please say hello to Thomas

As we the number of projects we contribute in is growing our team grows too! New employee we hired is Thomas and he comes from Szczecin. He is a passionate of DIY and the big fan of tools. As he tells about himself he loves what he does. One of the most memorable projects from his past he mentions, was the construction of […]

13/12/2017, 15:53
We wish you a family holidays and productive, upcoming year 2018!

Molson team would like to wish you a wonderful holidays in the company of the people you love and happy, abundant in successes year 2018. We hope that next year our cooperation with you will be even better and together we will have a positive impact on the surrounding environment and we will shape new standards in the fields […]

29/09/2017, 16:40
Forum of Polish Heaters already performed – it was our second edition

XXI Forum of Polish Heaters already performed! It was the second edition of this event, where our company had the pleasure of attending – very active days, resulted in new contacts, wonderful time with people who similarly look at the world and inspiration for continuing hard work. We would like to express our great thanks […]

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